Gypsum Valley Wagyu

Just outside of Salina, Kansas, Gypsum Valley Wagyu is home to the finest grades of Wagyu beef grown in central Kansas. Operations Manager, Jack Cossette, along with his staff of dedicated ranchers and professional consultants, oversee the growth of their Wagyu herd. The cattle graze in the nearby verdant pastures in the spring and summer, and are fed with grains that are grown in the adjacent fields in the fall and winter.

Jack has operated Gypsum Valley Farms since 2002, after a long and successful career in the hospitality industry. His brother, Jerry Cossette, purchased this farm in Gypsum Valley in 1985, beginning as an Angus cow/calf operation. In 2008, Jack and Jerry attended the Lone Mountain Sale in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and returned as one of the largest Wagyu genetics buyers at the sale. Jack’s career in the restaurant industry gave him the insight and understanding of the potential demand and desire for high-quality Wagyu beef. Thus, Gypsum Valley Wagyu Beef was born, and has flourished.

The sophisticated systems of facilities at Gypsum Valley Wagyu allows Jack and his staff to provide the cattle with the most naturally suited environment in which they grow and thrive from birth to sale.

“At first glance, the raw cuts of meat from the Wagyu can be startling – with more marbling intertwined with the red flesh. Much of that melts away when it’s cooked, resulting in a tender piece of meat that can be cut with a fork.”
– Jack Cossette

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