Heartland Waygu

Located in teh sprawling countryside just outside of Kansas City – the steak capital of the world – Heartland Wagyu is committed to sustainable farming and raising all-natural, steroid-free and hormone-free cattle. Our herd is being developed with full-blooded, pure bred and high percentage Wagyu cattle. Our hands-on approach with the entire herd creates a healthy environment for our cattle and results in the highest quality product.

As a self-proclaimed steak connoisseur, owner Brian Schaffer sought out the best steaks possible to enjoy, and soon realized that if he wanted the best, he should raise the best.

Starting a herd of Wagyu cattle just for himself and his friend’s enjoyment, he now sells to Kansas Great Steaks as well. Beginning in 2012, he has 175 head of Wagyu beef cattle on his ranch near Louisburg, Kansas.

Brian purchases some of the feed grain locally from Jayhawk Grain and purchases some from Jack Cossette of Gypsum Valley Wagyu as well. All the grain is naturally raised, and his cattle receive no unnecessary antibiotics.

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