Our Growers

We know our growers, and we’d like you to get to know them, too.


Kansas Great Steaks Drives Sales!

6 million cattle are harvested each year in Kansas. Our Wagyu ranchers will harvest less than 1500. We are methodical about every step, from conception to the harvest process. Kansas Great Steaks has selected your kitchen to partner with, to help you prepare and serve the best quality to your customers.

Restaurants serving Kansas Great Steaks tell us about all the great compliments, repeat traffic, and word of mouth advertising, they receive. Wagyu beef provides a top grade experience that builds customer loyalty.

Our products speak to customers

  • Locally grown, source verified, and family owned ranchers.

Health benefits

  • Naturally raised, higher omega 3 & 6, and never added growth hormones, or antibiotics.

Profit is not about percentages, its about bottoline

  • You can make $8 with commercial beef or $8+++ with Wagyu!

Two things drive traffic

  • Discounts and new products, we prefer the higher profits new products bring.

Quality always wins

  • With Wagyu (Kobe) Beef you can truthfully say you sell the best steak in town.

Our commitment to you is 24 hour availability.

  • We’re a small company that sells a lot of beef direct from our ranchers to your cooler. It never leaves our control.

Hamburgers vs Wagyu Burger

  • We are a steak company this allows a higher percentage of our ground to be briskets, roasts, and short ribs. We never use fat trim in our Hamburger.

Customer Service

  • Owners Stephen Ramer and Tod Eland answer the phone. As cattle and bison owners we work with you, your staff, and customers at your discretion, to educate about why your restaurant is serving the best beef in the world.

Your Customer Will Come Back. . .For Kansas Great Steaks

“We understand that your commitment to your guests is first class. This is also our commitment to you.”

We also understand that fantastic customer service is key to success. Good business is repeat business. And repeat business comes from an awesome product to serve to exceptional customers who know what a good steak is, expect the best, and know it when they are served one. On every visit. We want to help make that possible for you. We know you and your staff want your best customers to come back.

Tod and Stephen want the same thing. We want you to partner with us in providing you, and therefore your guests, with the best steak experience they have ever had.

When we do this together. . .they will come back. Repeat Business is good business.

Your Guests Will Come Back For More Kansas Great Steaks.